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Excursion Workshop – What is it?

The basic Outreach program is a weekend workshop called the Excursion Workshop. This two-day adventure into expanded states of awareness facilitates profound relaxation, deep contemplation, increased intuition, and communication with your Total Self and related energies. Important personal revelations are commonplace during an Excursion Workshop. Specifically designed exercises with the Hemi-Sync® audio-guidance technology form the core of the workshop, together with explanation, discussion, and supportive group interaction.

Here’s How the Courses Work

We will guide you through a sequence of well-planned exercises designed to help you gain clarity, focus and a vision of the life you intend to create. Before you leave, you will have an individualized program that will be a starting point for you.We will combine our program with Hemi-Sync exercises to heighten your creativity, intuition and problem solving skills. We will include techniques designed to help you move forward once you return home.A typical program exercise including the patented technology works like this:

  • First we discuss the exercises so you understand its purpose, what to expect, and how to do it.excursion workshop
  • Next you enjoy the exercise in the privacy of your own room asthe Hemi-Sync system guides you through the experience.
  • After each exercise there is time to journal, reflect and discuss what you’ve learned to help you process the exercise and add it to your toolbox.
  • You will learn practical applications for the exercises to use at home.
What we offer is UNIQUE:
  • You will learn how to access and heighten your intuition.
  • You will gain tools you can use to de-stress and relax once at home.
  • You will learn techniques to build and develop a meditation practice at home—even if you have FAILED miserably before. Our method is fail proof and has no dogma, Eastern affiliation or guru attached.
  • After you leave, you will have access to our Local Chapter, a group of already participants in Excursion Workshops, who meets regularly in order to deepen and keep the experiences through ongoing Hemi-Sync Exercises.

Programs in Greece


  • December   6 – 7  Excursion Workshop at Noosfera Center
  • November   29 – 30  Excursion Workshop in Thessaloniki, at Macedonia Palas Hotel
  • August   23 – 29  Gateway Voyage at Noosfera Center
  • June  14 – 15  Excursion Workshop in Thessaloniki, at Zen In The City
  • June   7 – 8  Excursion Workshop at Noosfera Center
  • March  22 – 23  Excursion Workshop at Noosfera Center
  • January  18 – 19  Excursion Workshop in Thessaloniki at Daios Hotel


  • August  17 – 23  Gateway Voyage
  • August   24 – 30  Lifeline Program


  • February 19 – 21 Excursion Workshop
  • May 9 – 15  Gateway Voyage
  • August 3 – 7 Excursion Workshop Retreat
  • December  2 – 4  Excursion Workshop


  • March 17 – 19  Excursion Workshop
  • May 12 – 18  Gateway Voyage
  • August 2 – 6  Excursion Workshop Retreat
  • November 17 – 19  Excursion Workshop