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Great energy, it helps you relax

In the same building you find the dominating luminous, East-West oriented, 80 m2, with a wooden floor, decorated with soothing soft-colors. The Seminar Hall is equipped with multimedia facilities, projector etc. and all the necessary gear for special seminars, such as yoga mats, etc.


Noosfera Center is available for rent to groups that would like to host their events or offer an activity for one or more days. For more information you may contact us by phone at +302109603094, +306932367147, +306937113537, or send us an email to info@noosfera.gr, or noosferacenter@gmail.com

Reviews about Noosfera Center and the Seminar Hall:

-“Very tranquil, comfortable and warm ~ ideal atmosphere for meditating and inner work”
-“Brilliant Seminar Hall, soft colors, excellent view to the mountain”
-“Beautiful colors in the Seminar Hall; the wood gives it a warm feeling. The view is breathtaking”

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