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Lifeline, 6-day Experiential Seminar with Hemi_Sync® sounds

25 February 2023

Journey into the afterlife realm to assist others in this life and beyond. Deepen your understanding of life, death, and self in this classic Monroe residential retreat.

7 – 9 February 2020 “Awakened relating”

7 February 2020

These  series of workshops are for couples and individuals, who would like to learn how to relate consciously, how to share their life without losing themselves; without trying to fill up their inner emptiness with their partner; without being afraid to live in their Heart!

Gateway Voyage in Greece, 2019, November 02 – 08

2 November 2019

Explore, Experience and Know what you are and what is possible beyond the limits of your perception.

The Shaman’s Heart-6 days Intensive Workshop

25 May 2019

Discovering Your Authentic Power, Purpose & Presence. This workshop will be a powerful fusion of music, meditation, shamanic wisdom, and unique audio technology that entrains the brain and the heart.

Gateway Voyage in Greece, 2019, May 11 – 17

11 May 2019

Explore, Experience and Know what you are and what is possible beyond the limits of your perception.

Gateway Voyage in Greece, 2018, April 21 – 27

21 April 2018

Explore, Experience and Know that you are much more than your physical body…


15 September 2017

Educational Workshops: “The New Aura Surgery” . Part II, 2017 September Friday 15 – Sunday 17 – Part III, 2017, October Friday 6 – Sunday 8
Taught in English and German language

Soul Journeys in Greece : Holistic Vacation – The relief of Forgiveness 2017, August 11 – 17

11 August 2017

The beginning of the workshop at the ancient power place of Epidaurus will be the first mighty step to a unique 7 day workshop aiming to enhance your decision to heal your life, forgive the past and find a new, deeper meaning to your life.

Soul Journeys in Greece: En-Joy of Life Week – 2017, July 14 – 20

14 July 2017

A Joy of Life week with your happy self at the modern day spiritual community of Noosfera Wellness & Retreat Center in Peloponnese-Greece.

Soul Journeys in Greece: The Secret Odyssey Voyage – 2017, June 24 – 30

24 June 2017

Know yourself and your true splendor in the country that gave birth to philosophy, art and civilization. Let the ancient mythology, contemporary psychology and the energy field of a powerful place in Greece be your guides in this inner miraculous trip within.