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      WELCOME TO       From the Monroe Institute, a meditation app unlike any you’ve ever experienced — relax, de-stress, improve your sleep, and rediscover feelings of joy that are buried deep inside. Expand meditations feature guided imagery and Monroe Sound Science technology using targeted soundwave patterns to tap into specific areas of […]

Searching for the soul mate

By Joulia Pitsouli Our soul mate! We have all dreamt of it and wished to meet it. Despite our doubts whether it actually exists, deep down we want to believe it does. This is not just a romantic desire but a universal concept that is present in traditions across cultures. This ancient metaphysical belief is […]

The Mystery of the Oracle of Delphi

By Julia Pitsouli «Come with us on a journey of initiation to self knowledge and mystery. Visit Delphi, one of the greatest, places of power in the world». With advertisements similar to this one, along with the proper, intriguing photos, big travel agencies, specializing in New Age tourism, try to attract the people. Their advertisements […]

The Moment of your Greatest Strength

Suppose you were asked “What was the moment of your greatest strength today?”

Hapiness is here

Among all ideals, happiness usually is the most elusive; that is why so many people keep running after it!

The path of miracles

A new, wonderful reality rises in the hearts of those who look for their deeper self.