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Are you ready to become a Galactic Ambassador?   Travel to the Center of the Earth? Explore “The Gathering”?  Communicate with Non-human Intelligences?

Exploration 27 provides the means for a week of immersion within Focus 27, and an introduction to some of its many functions such as healing and regeneration, education, coordination and planning. This is a week of pioneering, cutting-edge explorations and research.

On the last night of the Lifeline program, Bob Monroe was fond of meeting with participants, taking great delight in encouraging them to describe the nature of their experiences in Focus 27. His own journeys had taken him mostly to the Park and Reception Center; clearly, this was a much vaster area than he had previously realized, with many unique opportunities for further cutting-edge exploration.
He discovered that Focus 27 is an area of creation and manifestation.  Can the experience of creating in Focus 27 teach us anything about manifestation here in the physical?  Focus 27 is also an area where we can meet with other intelligences who have a connection with the Earth System.

While visiting the Education Center, Healing and Regeneration Center, and Planning Center, participants receive information relevant to their own personal quests as well as insights related to the “larger picture.” You will be given the opportunity to embrace and heal polarity and continue to know your I-There.
Special features include visits to the center of the Earth—a sacred journey often filled with new insights and appreciation for her many precious gifts and to be of service at a more collective level.

During this program you will:

> Explore and become more familiar with the energy of Focus 27.
> Become more familiar with some of the specialized functions of Focus 27: reception, healing and regeneration, education, coordination and planning.
> Communicate with the intelligences that maintain Focus 27.
> Visit Earth Core and meet the intelligences that maintain the Earth.
> Explore the relationship between physical Earth and Focus 27 and better integrate them.
> Discover and explore the areas of Focus 27 that are not specifically related to the Human – Earth experience.
> Bringing the experiences from There and integrating, firmly anchoring them Here, allows for a particularly satisfying and rewarding conclusion to these multi-faceted adventures.

Towards the end of the program, participants venture into previously uncharted territories. Focus 34/35 is the area of the “Gathering” described by Bob Monroe in “Far Journeys”, and its exploration frequently evokes new perceptions and sensations, and a singular quality of unity and oneness.


Prerequisite: Gateway Voyage® and Guidelines® or Lifeline Programs
Exploratiot 27 is a prerequisite for Starlines program, where we’ll continue our galactic and inter-galactic travels, exploring more fully who we truly are.

Cost: €1495.
Price includes: tuition, all meals and refreshments, accommodation for six nights, transfer from nearest train station to Noosfera Retreat Center.
€300 deposit required to reserve a place.
€100 early booking  if deposit paid up to May 5, 2016.
€100 if course paid in full up to July 5, 2016
€100 for each, if two people sign up together.
Limited single occupancy available with supplementary payment.

How to register:
Linda Leblanc
∗∗: Tel. 357-26-621272 / email: psygnos@spidernet.com.cy / www.psychognosia.org /www.monroeinstitute.org
and/or Julia Pitsouli for Noosfera Retreat Centre, email: info@noosfera.gr

∗∗ Facilitator: Linda Leblanc, an accredited Monroe Institute Residential and Outreach facilitator. She is a Canadian/naturalized Cypriot, has been living in Cyprus since 1989, working with Hemi-Sync for 20 years and is a member of the Monroe Institute’s Professional Division. In 1999, with her husband she co-founded PSYCHOGNOSIA, a not-for-profit organization for the dissemination of information on the scientific study of anomalous phenomena. As a lecturer, a writer and a politician, her articles have appeared in magazines and publications in Cyprus, UK and the USA. She is co-author of the recently published Reincarnation Cards® – Awakening Far Memory.

 Your Facility for this Exploration:
The Noosfera Retreat Center in Greece: a purposely-built complex of wooden cottages created for self awareness and psychology seminars, alternative holidays, educational and recreational events focused on spiritual development and consciousness expansion. Noosfera is located close to Xylokastro, on the mountainsides of Korinthia (Peloponnese) with amazing view, surrounding mountains and the horizon of the sea.
• Standard accommodations are double elegant bedrooms all with private bathroom and equipped with mini-fridges, decorated accordingly to the last detail: soft pillows on the couch, orthohomepage_slide_12pedic mattresses, duvets and sheets of excellent quality
• In each room there is also a unique special built-in electronic installation, which allows the participants to use headphones for listening to exercises, while lying comfortably on their beds. Ultraviolet sanitizers are used to sanitize headphones before each program.
• Amenities: shampoo, shower gel, shower cup, hair dryer, sleepers, refrigerator, free wifi, gym, wellbeing section.
• Meals: delicious home-made meals are prepared and most of the cooking ingredients, fruits and vegetables come from Noosfera’s own estate