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February 17 – 19, 2017


Holotropic Breathwork™ is a powerful method for self-exploration, personal transformation and healing. For some people, it is also a spiritual practice.

Developed by psychiatrist Dr. Stan Grof and his late wife Christina, this method integrates insights from decades of modern consciousness research, anthropology, transpersonal and depth psychologies, different mystical traditions, Eastern spiritual philosophies and old wisdom of healing potentials of non-ordinary states of consciousness from different native, aboriginal traditions.

Conducted in a safe setting, it combines very simple means of breath, evocative music and focused energy release bodywork, providing access to deeply enhanced states of consciousness, connecting us to our deepest inner healing wisdom.

Accredited Facilitators of Grof Transpersonal Training™:
Irena Antolic H Holotropic Breathwork™. Irena is involved in human development and personal growth and transformation, both in the organizational context and personal therapy work. She is passionately involved in Holotropic Breathwork™, and is one of the organizers of Grof Transpersonal Training in Europe.
 And the team of GTT certified facilitators: Simona Rakusa & Michael Riegler.

Contact:  irena@holotropic-development.com
or  office@holotropic-development.com

For more info, please, visit: http://www.holotropic-greece.com/el/σχετικά-με-το-holotropic-breathwork/