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By Julia Pitsouli

A new, wonderful reality rises in the hearts of those who look for their deeper self.

Where does the source of happiness lie? Is there an area in the human brain that could be defined as the source of joy and internal peace? Similar questions motivated the specialized scientists of the University of California and Wisconsin to launch an intensive inquiry, by examining the reactions of the brain of hundreds of people. Dalai Lama was also among those who worked with the scientists. The results of their research were recently published and prove that there are indeed certain areas in the brain that are activated when we are feeling happy or calm. However, those feelings have nothing to do with the way the human brain is structured in certain «lucky» people- which would be discrimination on behalf of nature; they are the result of a certain way of thinking and reaction. This is also granted by an apt proverb: «sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character reap a destiny». It is a simple truth that many people begin to realize deeply, recognizing that it is our own thoughts that built up our happiness or misery. That way, a new reality is gradually formed, while more and more people wake up from their deep sleep and start wondering. Starting with everyday personal questions like: «how can I forgive the others? » or «why has my marriage failed? », «why is my adult child acting like that? », they end up wondering about the deeper purposes of being: «why do I even exist? », «do I have a purpose to serve? ».

Those who bring the future

For years now, incubation, a slow, steady process is taking place within the hearts and minds of people who envision a better future and fight for it. These are the people, the bearers of the 21st century, not… the calendars. On the cultural level and evolution of human consciousness, it is not time that sets the rules of the game but man himself. This truth had to fight against the diffused, naive perception that viewed 2000 as a firing mechanism, which would catapult us straight to a new futuristic reality as soon as it arrived. However, the succession of the years is a mere convention; a point of reference that helps us communicate with each other. Every New Year that begins has no power to change our lives on its own; but, it can play a very important role: it can turn into a moment of pause- as if between two breaths- where we can stand for a moment, look upon the river of events and see where it leads to. Today, we are literally standing at the door-step of a unique era, because for the first time, we can combine the scientific understanding of nature with the spiritual understanding of ourselves. For the awakened minds, the direct correlation of the biological evolution of humanity with the emotional, mental and spiritual, is very clear. These people have a clear vision of what is truly important in life, knowing that it is all about what is happening in the world within us and not in the world outside of us; what actually is and not what it appears to be. Thus, by understanding the meaning of their natural habitat, and the value of human contact, they turn to each other, they learn how to trust, and above all, they learn how to say «we care»; and they truly mean it.

From Medusa to Pegasus

The eagerness of these people to speak about their inner thoughts and emotions, taking full responsibility of what they feel, is amazing. Not being scared of «over-exposing» themselves, they are more honorable and honest. Instead of playing games, by wearing pretentious masks, they prefer to take the masks off, scrutinize them, and look at their true faces. In other words, they are not afraid to discover their real selves, thus, they have a better understanding of others; it is because they learn how to accept their own darker sides. Contemporary neuro- physiology proves that these people, by getting in touch with themselves, realize that within us there exist simultaneously various, non conscious selves that act independently -having different wills and desires. Our own contradicting behavior, our internal conflicts- that usually turn into physical symptoms and manifest as hypertension, intestinal disorders, stomach aches, hormonal or dermatological problems etc- are caused by these various selves that lay within us. Among them, however, exists also our luminous parts; our talents and capabilities that we are yet unaware of. In the meantime, those who walk on the Path of Miracles in search of their self, enroll old and new knowledge to solve its mystery. Greek mythology is one source of knowledge. The symbolic language used in Mythology, is a very deep, psychological tool of great precision. Medusa’s gaze that turned onlookers to stone correlates to specific psychological conditions, while Pegasus symbolizes our mind’s ability to fly above illusions. Which sides of ourselves are hiding inside Pandora’s Box? How can Andromeda be saved from the dragon that is threatening her? All these heroes lay within us, like a great treasure, waiting to be discovered.

Meeting with the alluring stranger

«Feel what you are feeling, awake to your emotions, embrace them». This isn’t just a phrase, it is an entire philosophy. What is important at this point is not the short of mentality that makes people hide from themselves and lose touch with their emotions. This new mentality brings along some short of internal revelation. It shows us who we truly are. The weird thing is that underneath the layers of formality, guilt, fear, social contacts and survival masks we put on, hides, not a monster- as those who refuse to get rid of their masks would expect- but a self of great magnitude and concealed talents. Therefore, a complete stranger. The revelation of this alluring stranger to someone would be the biggest achievement of his/her life. Walking on the path of Miracles, the meeting with the alluring stranger that lies within us is also, the beginning for an unprecedented connection to the others. By realizing our true value and our internal wisdom, our relationships literary transform.